Submissions sought for Waving Hands Review

Past issues of CNCC’s Waving Hands Review

RANGELY | The Waving Hands Review is the literature and arts magazine of Colorado Northwestern Community College. It is published annually and according to Editor Joe Wiley this is the publications 11th year.  Deadline submissions for the Waving Hands Review are coming up soon.  Unsolicited submissions are taken only until Feb. 15 and online only at   The Waving Hands Review seeks to publish exemplary works by emerging and established writers and artists of Northwestern Colorado.  The editors of this publication encourage writers and artists to submit the following:

Poetry, lyrics

– Fiction

– Creative non-fiction

– Personal essays

– Political essays, treatises, manifestos

– Humorous essays, parodies

– Serious or gonzo journalism, critical looks at culture.

– Photography, manipulated photography, photo collages

– Photographs of 2-D and 3-D artwork

– Digital artwork, graphic design

– Drawings, sketches, cartoons

– Fragments—observations, aphorism

All submissions must be your own, original work. All copyrights remain with the author or artist/photographer. You will be notified by email by March 31 if your submission has been accepted for publication.

Editors’ Choice Awards

$50 will be made in each of the following four categories: 1) artwork (including photography) 2) poetry 3) fiction 4) nonfiction (creative non-fiction, essays, journalism). Fiction, creative non-fiction, and essays should not exceed 10 double-spaced pages. Poems should not exceed 50 lines.  While Waving Hands Review is open to a wide range of subjects and styles, work that is gratuitously racist, sexist, or violent, or written exclusively for shock value, will not be considered.

Submission Guidelines

Manuscripts and artwork are judged in a non-partial manner so that they can be judged on a qualitative basis. Therefore, for written submissions, please remove your name from the manuscript itself, and from headers that may be on multi-page submissions. The Submission Manager form that you fill out for each piece will contain all the contact information needed. Of course, artwork that is signed is acceptable; we just want the selection process to be as fair as possible.  Please visit the Waving Hand’s website for detailed submission guidelines. For more information, you can contact the editor at