Thank you firefighters

Letter to the Editor

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Dear Editor:

We have always known that our volunteer firefighters are dedicated, hard-working, and brave men and women. But, Sunday, July 22, when the fire started and the wind picked up, at Sulphur Creek near Sage Hills, we experienced this first hand. These brave, smart, strong, heroic, selfless firefighters from all over, saved our neighborhood and surrounding area. Because of their quick and skilled response, the fire was adequately contained to lift the pre-evacuation. Most importantly, nobody was injured.
We are proud of, and grateful to all of these crucial members of our community and surrounding areas who are almost all volunteers. Please remember to support your local fire departments, as community support is the largest part of their funding. Or call your local fire station to ask how to donate.
There is no way to truly thank you all adequately.

Thank you,
The Trout Family