Letter to the Editor: Thanks to Range Call volunteers

Dear Editor:
I would personally like to thank the community of Meeker and all of our wonderful volunteers who helped make this year’s downtown Range Call celebration a huge success! Without the help of so many people, large events like this wouldn’t happen!
To begin, a huge “thank you” goes out to my staff and board. Dee and Steve Cox, Marki Cook, Deloy Cook, Randia Rule, Margie Joy, Cassie McGuire and Caitlyn Shepherd, Kim O’Connell, Bobby Gutierrez, Randy Ridgeway, Michele and Katie Morgan, Katie Conrado, Ann Marie and Mason Scritchfield, Joe Fennessy and Scott and Marian Merritt played such a huge role in this event! Other volunteers who made this year successful are Hallie Blunt, Jerry Eliasen, Glory Rholl, the crew at R&T Oilfield Services, Joe Gutierrez, Rhonna Waldref, Bruce and Debbie Eaton, Jeff Madison and sons, Bill Jordan and his crew, Meg Nieslanik, Maddie Glidden, Kristen Schaffer, Julie Cook, Jack Anderson, Mickey Reagle, Fain Richardson and his crew at Redi Services, the Meeker Police Department, Meeker Town administration, the Meeker board of trustees and the Meeker Public Works department! I’m sure I’ve missed a couple of our great volunteers, so if you have helped and I haven’t mentioned your name, please know that I do really appreciate everything you have done! It is amazing how everyone “chips in” to make community events a success! I truly appreciate everyone’s help!
Katelin Cook
Executive Director
Meeker Chamber of Commerce