Letter: Thanks to White River Electric

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Dear Editor:
I intended getting this letter to the editor in last week’s paper, but my computer is in an email battle with me, so although it looked like I had sent it; somewhere out there in the ozone drifting through space is my original thank you letter. I sincerely apologize to WREA for not getting this letter sent in a timely fashion.
For those who have noticed the flag had not been flying during the early part of last week, the halyard rope was simply not large enough to withstand all the high winds we have had, and finally let go. The pole does not have any means to replace the rope without some outside help. I made a late request last Wednesday afternoon to White River Electric to see if there might be a time when they could schedule a hi-lift bucket truck to help us replace the rope. They graciously said they would be there at eight o’clock the very next morning, which they were, on the dot! Tanner manned the bucket, the rope was strung through the top pulley in short order, and the flags are flying proudly once again. It is absolutely amazing the tremendous amount of service to our community provided by White River Electric. We offer our heartfelt thanks from the American Legion, VFW, and VFW Auxiliary.
Mike M. Brennan
Meeker American Legion Post 0074