The annual pageant will go on

MEEKER I The Meeker Pageant will continue for another year. After a public plea, the pageant has a new volunteer director, and this director comes with a respected drama resume.
Laurie Zellers is well-known in the community for her contributions to community theater, most recently as director of “Annie Jr.”
“Growing up I loved putting together neighborhood plays, was in several church and school plays,” Zellers said. “I am not that talented but love to see plays and musicals.”
Laurie’s involvement locally began as assistant to her sister, Kathryn Seely, directing musicals at the high school. When Seely moved to Utah, Zellers’ husband, Gary, took on the responsibility. Zellers continued as assistant.
“I did whatever was needed to help out and loved being involved with the kids and watching each production come to life!” Zellers said.
In addition, she has performed and participated in local dinner theaters and started a drama camp for younger kids with her friend Kim Kummer through the Meeker Recreation Center (which culminated in the “Annie Jr.” production.)
“It was a dream come true, to see those kids act and sing and the audience love it!” Zellers said. “I researched on the Internet and read books on teaching youth to act.”
The drama camp for younger kids will be offered at the rec. center again in April.
The Zellers live on Sulphur Creek Road, literally across the street from the fairgrounds where the pageant is performed.
“I have only watched the pageant a few times but hear it every year because of where I live!”
Combining her love for drama with her devotion to the community, Zellers hopes to stir up a new excitement for the pageant.
“I would really like to research the history of this era so eventually the pageant can tell more (of the history.)”
The pageant, or Meeker Massacre, has always relied on volunteers. Zellers hopes more community members will get involved, even those who haven’t been involved before.
“Every little bit of help helps and makes it so one person doesn’t get so burned out. The last Range Call board meeting had just that, people who stood up to the call and want to help keep the pageant going. That gives me hope and strength that we can do this and we can have the pageant continue,” Zellers added.