The County Cubicle: The lazy, crazy days of summer

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Editor’s note: In an effort to keep residents informed on happenings within county government, county employees will contribute biweekly articles for “The County Cubicle.”
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Summer is just around the corner. Many groups like to use the courthouse lawn for special events and fun festivities, but there are a few things to know:
There is no fee charged for use of the courthouse lawn. However, all events must be sponsored by non-profit organizations.
Tents and canopies are OK, but must be located in the right spots to avoid sprinkler system lines and fiber optic cables. Coordinate the placement of tents and canopies with the maintenance staff at least one working day before the event to avoid an unpleasant water display. All tents and canopies must be removed immediately following the event.
Motorized vehicles cause substantial damage to the lawn. Do not, under any circumstances, drive on the grass.
Organizing groups are responsible for clean up during and after their event. Everyone can assist with this effort by disposing of your own trash.
Pets are welcome on the lawn. “Pet Pickup” stations are provided for pet owners’ convenience near the benches along Main Street.
Electricity is available for events. Prior notice should be given to the courthouse maintenance staff so the power can be turned on as needed. Electrical power is generously donated by White River Electric Association.
The courthouse and grounds have long been the social center and gathering spot for Meeker. The county maintenance staff works hard to keep the building, lawn and trees looking nice. Please help support their efforts.
Many events are already in the planning phase. If your organization would like to schedule an event on the courthouse lawn, contact the maintenance staff at 878-9560 as soon as possible to avoid conflicts.