During the month of November, Meeker Elementary students collected food for the local food bank to help people who couldn’t afford to buy enough food. Pictured above are Auri Murray and Iris Holmes. The drive went along with the “We are Connected” theme in November and December theme of the “7 Mindsets” program. The goal was to collect 1,000 food items for the food bank.
The 7 Mindsets is a program of new ideas being taught to all the kids in the Meeker School District, preschool through high school. Each month, a new theme gives students and teachers the inspiration to use their strengths to increase their potential, empowering them to live a happier, more successful life. The themes for September and October were “Everything is Possible” and “Passion First.”
The food drive was just one way to connect with the community. During November, the students passed their goal and brought in 1,246 items. Students at the high school had their own food drive to help the food bank, too. After all the food was collected and counted, third graders helped load the items into teachers’ cars to take to Meeker United Methodist Church where the food bank is located. This event was possible and successful because of everyone’s generosity. Hopefully this will help everyone in need.
By Esiah Ljungqvist (third grade) with Ryan Phelan (high school) with a little help from teacher Kathy de Vergie.


Several Barone Middle School student council members and two other students visited the Calloway-Young Cancer Center in Glenwood Springs to deliver a donation of money they raised during the month of October. Barone Middle School secretary Marci Nielsen said via email that the money was raised via a “coin drop.”
“There were two small glasses in the bottom of a fish tank and the kids dropped quarters, trying to make it into the cup. If they made it in, they won a prize. Kids brought all kinds of change in, but the quarters counted for prizes. The fish tank was brought out each day during our morning break to collect donations. Student council members were present during parent-teacher conferences, so students and parents could donate during that time as well. More than $200 was raised,” Nielsen said.
“According to middle school instructor Kris Casey, the staff at the cancer center gave them a tour of the infusion center and radiation areas. They spoke to a variety of workers at the center about chemotherapy, integrated therapy options, brain scans and how radiology used math to direct the radiation to specific areas. “It was a great way for the kids to see and hear how their donation was going to help patient care,” Kasey said. “One kind patient even took time to talk to them as she was leaving the infusion center and thanked them for their donation.”


Meeker Police Chief Phil Stubblefield and Officer Justin Yates enjoyed an evening with six Meeker Students during “Shop with a Cop”. A big thank you to Craig, Colo., Walmart, who gave Meeker Police $1,500 and supplied personnel to wrap the gifts and assist. These families will enjoy Christmas even more this year!