This weekend, go on a bear hunt

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MEEKER | This weekend, go on a bear hunt.

Teddy bears, that is.

Meeker has joined a long list of communities whose residents are placing stuffed bears (and other creatures) of all sizes, shapes and colors in their windows. It’s a cheery symbol of solidarity during a time of social distancing, and a lot of fun for kids and adults to go “bear hunting” while communities work to slow the spread of coronavirus.

You can walk (Colorado’s stay at home order does not prohibit outdoor exercise, just be sure to give others plenty of space), ride bikes, or drive.

Retired area real estate agent Cindy Welle posted a request March 23, and several Meeker residents have joined in.

This reporter went for a drive Saturday afternoon and didn’t see many stuffed animals peeking from windows, but by all accounts there are several out there, and we hope to increase that number with some community participation.

If you have teddy bears to spare, stick them in your window (make sure they’re visible from the street), ask your friends and family to do the same, and then take a spin around the neighborhood to see how many fluffy faces are smiling back at you.

(Here’s a hint to get you started: the HT office on Fourth and Main has a few friends holding down the fort.)

Thanks to residents Cindy Welle and Jill Dunbar for this story idea.

By Caitlin Walker |