Letter: To the community work group

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Editor’s note: Following is a letter from Mayor Mandi Etheridge, sent to members of a community work group, following the work session with Richard Sales about the old elementary school.

The Board of Trustees for the town of Meeker recently met with Richard Sales with the Colorado Center for Community Development to discuss a process for dealing with the former elementary school. His involvement with this project has been invaluable not only because of his ability to objectively see the issue of establishing a future use for that property, but also because of the resources he has available for landscape design and architectural conceptual drawings through the University of Colorado Denver.
As the board has discussed this topic over the past year, we have realized that there are so many ideas and possibilities available for such a prime piece of property and historic building. When the work group was formed in January, the intention was to gather information and explore ideas from stakeholders in order to determine the feasibility of certain options and gain a greater perspective of public opinion. I feel that the group was a great initial partner in developing an eventual plan for the property.
The decision for the future use of this property is not an easy one, nor is it one that any of the trustees are taking lightly. Consequently, we asked Rich to facilitate a meeting where we could better use all the information gathered so far and funnel it into an appropriate direction. Though no decision has been made and all meetings are still open for public participation, we do feel that between the efforts of the work group this spring and the help of Rich and his team, the board does have a little clearer idea of what could be the best use of that property and how we can be responsible fiscal agents for the town of Meeker.
I hope to see you all at subsequent town meetings as we continue to fine tune a plan for adding to a viable, beautiful and working downtown in Meeker.
Thank you for your continued involvement.