Town of Meeker

“Do you love Meeker and want to help it get better?”
This was the question I found in the classified ads of the Herald Times in March 2004. Most everyone in Meeker would quickly answer “yes” to this question, and I was no different.
Only this particular ad was an invitation to participate in local government, to fill a position as a trustee for the town of Meeker. Now six years later I find myself writing a letter as mayor to commemorate the town’s 125th anniversary!
I hope you enjoy and appreciate the special addition to the paper that highlights the people who make a difference in our town. While anyone with a desire to “help Meeker get better” can run for public office, it takes a lot of patience, training, skill and dedication to hold a position with town staff.
Congratulations to staff, to the Board of Trustees and especially you, the residents of our community for your perseverance and dedication in making the town of Meeker our home.
Here’s to another 125 years of community success!

Mandi Etheridge, mayor
Town of Meeker