Towns elect new trustees

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RBC | The towns of Meeker and Rangely elected new trustees to their boards Tuesday.

Citizens of the Town of Rangely cast 417 ballots out of 1,201 that were mailed (of those, 42 were returned with no forwarding address).

Andy Shaffer received 343 votes in his unopposed bid for mayor. The new trustees will be Luke Geer (242 votes) Matt Billgren (239 votes) and Richard E. Garner (231 votes). Alisa Granger received 222 votes, and James Dillon received 180 votes.

The election results will be certified no sooner than eight days after the election and no later than 10 days after the election.

For the Town of Meeker, 462 ballots were cast out of 1,309 mailed.

Mayor Regas Halandras, running unopposed, received 283 votes for another term.

Incumbent trustee Scott Creecy received 290 votes and will keep his seat for another term. Scott Nielsen, with 264 votes, will be one of the new trustees.

The other new trustee seat could be impacted by the results of 10 overseas ballots that have not been received yet.

Pat Turner received 240 votes, and Dr. Bob Dorsett received 232. If all 10 overseas ballots go to Dorsett, he would take the third open trustee seat. 

Joe Beck received 149 votes.

The results will not be official until Friday, April 13.

Approximately 35 percent of registered, eligible voters participated in the municipal elections.