Trustees discuss spring cleanup

MEEKER | Meeker resident Jeff Madison addressed the board of trustees Tuesday regarding the possibility of restoring the annual spring cleanup program to the town. The program was suspended in the mid-1990s because people from out of town were reportedly taking advantage of the program.

The Lions Club is willing to supply the labor one spring weekend per year if the town provides a front-end loader and dump trucks.

“It would be a great service to this town. You walk through the alleys and there’s a lot of crap that’s building up and has been building up,” Madison said. He also said he would be willing to speak with the county commissioners to see if they could include a dump truck or two. The county sends a free landfill coupon to each household every year, but some cannot take advantage of the coupon due to lack of access to a truck or trailer.

Public Works Director Russell Overton said the program ended because it was dragging on for weeks and the town only has five employees. “If we have one water leak we’re done,” Overton said.

“We managed to do this for the first 15 years I lived in the town. I don’t know what has changed,” Madison said. The board will discuss the matter at the next meeting.

In other business, the board approved a fermented malt beverage manufacturer’s license (brewery) for a wholesale beer license and a liquor sales room by Smoking River Brewing Company; approved a request from Pioneers Medical Center to waive the building permit fee for construction of a negative pressure room; approved a $500 county fair sponsorship; and approved a letter of commitment to the Regional Resiliency and Recovery Roadmap process, giving the town a voice in regional grants and the Just Transition program. “We’re going to be a lot stronger if we work together,” said Town Manager Lisa Cook. “There really is no downside.”