Two summer rodeos left in the series

Kelsey Tate is the leading contender to win the barrel racing competition in the 2018 Meeker Summer Rodeo Series. There are two rodeos left in the season. Kim Ekstrom Photo
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MEEKER | Meeker’s Summer Rodeo contestants have only two performances left in which to achieve a possible championship in their summer events, Aug. 23 and the final performance Aug. 30. At this point the top two championship contenders in each event are as below. In order to qualify, contestants need to have competed in nine of the 12 summer rodeos. Some of the following championship contenders will have to compete in both of the remaining rodeos in order to qualify. The champion in each event wins a pair of Ariat boots, thanks to Ariat’s sponsorship. The results shown are from the Aug. 16 rodeo.
Ladies Breakaway roping: Deena Norell and Lori Ann Klinglesmith are separated by $131. Last week: Lori Ann Klinglesmith 2.9 ; Danyelle Draper 14.8 seconds.
No. 8 (amateur) Header: Kristen Egger and Aaron Webster are separated by $607. Last week: Aaron Webster 7.2, Lavender Castaldo 8.0 and Kristen Egger 8.9 seconds.
No. 8 (amateur) Heeler: Kash Atwood and Joe Wood are separated by $312. Last week: Zane Edinger 7.2, Dusty Fhlor 8.0, and Joe Wood 8.9 seconds.
No. 11 (Better) Header: Casey Griffith and Cody Edinger are separated by $608. Last week: Wyatt Hallam 6.0, JD Slagowski 8.0, Sahrae Dorsher 11.1, and Joe Wood 13.3 seconds.
No. 11 (Better) Heeler: Brett Watson and Kash Atwood by $881. Last week: Payson Hallam 6.0, Cody Edinger 8.0, Payson Hallam 11.1, and Dusty Fhlor 13.3 seconds.
Mixed Header: Erin Watson and Lavender Castaldo by $412. Last week: Kristen Egger 10.3, Lori Ann Klinglesmith 14.7, Lavender Castaldo 19.9, Lori Ann Klingelsmith 23.4 seconds.
Mixed Heeler:  Brett Watson and Cody Edinger by $205. Last week: Zane Edinger 10.3, Cody Edinger 14.7, Justin Hansen 19.9, and Lenny Klinglesmith 23.4 seconds.
Ribbon Roping Roper: Cody Edinger and Joe Wood by $227. Last week: Kristen Egger 22.4 seconds.
Ribbon Roping Runner: Deena Wood and Lavender Castaldo by $10. Last week: Jake Edinger 22.4 seconds.
Ranch Broncs: Sheridan Harvey and Kasey Rosendahl by $187. Last week: Sheridan Harvey 77.0 and Adam Millermon 75.0 score.
Junior Barrel Racing: Cylee Dunsmore and Deena Wood by $40. Last week: Leah Wood 20.32, Cylee Dunsmore 20.53, Deanna Wood 20.66, and Emily Amick 20.7 seconds.
Junior Bulls: Cade Blunt and Logan Durham by $129. Last week: Logan Durham 75 score.
Amateur Bulls: Caleb Gieselman and Clay Durham tied. Last week: none.
Ladies Barrel Racing:  Kelsey Tate and Kayla Pinnt by $668. Last week: McKenna Faircloth 19.18, Kelsey Tate 19.47, and Danyelle Draper 19.81 seconds.
Meeker mayor and weekly summer rodeo promoter, Regas Halandras, said, “It has been a great second summer rodeo series. We had an increase in participants and spectators. All of us owe a big thanks to all the sponsors who have helped keep this event going: Moody Construction, Mountain Valley Bank, Four M Ranch, Edwards Ranch, Rio Blanco Herald Times, Auto Parts City, Mexican House, Meeker Drugs, Meeker Cafe, Outfitters Restaurant, NAPA Auto Parts, Blanco Cellars and many other donors. The Lions Club has been instrumental in running the concession stands all summer to the benefit of Meeker student programs like the Eighth Grade Washington DC trip and 4-H with help from kids and parents in those programs. Special kudos to Dale Smith and the Lions Club for keeping this going all summer long.”
Halandras added, “We plan to see the 2019 rodeo season be another successful year and hope to improve our ‘out of Meeker’ neighbors and visitors in the attendance numbers.”