Underage party leads to felony charges

MEEKER I A party at a residence Jan. 17, attended by minors, resulted in a Meeker man facing felony charges, including contributing to the delinquency of a minor.
Merrill Wade Brandon, 33, was arrested that same night and faces additional charges of distribution of marijuana, a class 4 felony, possession of 1 ounce or less of marijuana and possession of drug paraphernalia, both petty offenses.
According to the arrest warrant, none of the juveniles interviewed the night of the party were issued a citation for MIP (minor in possession).
Meeker police officers and Rio Blanco County sheriff’s deputy Patrick Darrow were involved in following up on a report of an “MIP party” at Brandon’s residence.
In the affidavit, officer Jeremy Muxlow, upon entering Brandon’s residence at 369 11th St. on the night of the 17th, reported seeing “many empty boxes of Keystone beer on the floor” and “many open alcoholic containers on the counters.”
In his report, Muxlow said, “It was evident that a party had took place inside the residence.”
After discovering one of the minors had left the scene, the other minors and Brandon were handcuffed. Brandon then stated, according to the affidavit, “I purchased all of the beer.” When he was advised he was under arrest, Brandon recanted his earlier statement, Muxlow said in the affidavit.
The minors and Brandon were transported to the Rio Blanco County Detention Center for questioning.
During interviews, one of the minors stated, “Brandon had parties there all of the time,” according to the arrest warrant.
Brandon, during his interview, told officer Muxlow “he allowed friends that were 21 years of age to come to the house, and they brought minors with them. Brandon then asked me, ‘What was I supposed to do?’”
On the night of Jan. 17, Brandon said “he was gone (during) most of the party,” Muxlow wrote.
During a search of Brandon’s house by officers Muxlow, Jim Amick and Wes Severson, Amick’s K-9 Gino “alerted” to brownies “with green stems consistent with that of marijuana stems.” Rolling papers, “roach” clips and marijuana stems were also found inside the house.
At a court appearance Feb. 5 in district court, Brandon’s case was continued until Friday.