Unofficial Rio Blanco County Election Results ~ Nov. 3, 2020

10:19 p.m. The final results for tonight have been released. See below.


Approximately 80 ballots are left to count. More results will be posted tomorrow by noon.


9:21 p.m. The second round of results is now available.

See below.


The updated results for ballot measures for term limits on elected officials are as follows:

Ballot Issue 1A (Assessor)

Yes/For – 1,708 (53.29%)

No/Against – 1,497 (46.71%)

Ballot Issue 1B (Clerk and Recorder)

Yes/For – 1,668 (51.66%)

No/Against – 1,561 (48.34%)

Ballot Issue 1C (Commissioners)

Yes/For – 2,226 (68.79%)

No/Against – 1,010 (31.21%)

Ballot Issue 1D (Coroner)

Yes/For – 1,366 (42.33%)

No/Against – 1,861 (57.67%)

Ballot Issue 1E (Sheriff)

Yes/For – 1,512 (46.58%)

No/Against – 1,734 (53.42%)

Ballot Issue 1F (Treasurer)

Yes/For – 1,621 (50.42%)

No/Against – 1,594 (49.58%)


Update 7:30 p.m.

Unofficial election results will be posted here throughout the night. According to RBC Clerk and Recording Boots Campbell, they are anticipating 70+% voter turnout.

The only Rio Blanco County-specific ballot issues concern term limits for certain political offices.

The results are very close for some, and wider for others. There are still enough ballots out to flip a few.

Ballot Issue 1A is for the Assessor’s office.

Term limits for Assessor

Ballot Issue 1B is for the Clerk and Recorder’s office.

Term limits for Clerk and Recorder

Ballot Issue 1C is for the County Commissioners office.

Term limits for Commissioners

Ballot Issue 1D is for the Coroner’s office.

Term limits for Coroner

Ballot Issue 1E is for the Sheriff’s office.

Term limits for Sheriff

Ballot Issue 1F is for the Treasurer’s office.

Term limits for treasurer

Other county results are as follows:


View statewide results here:

View national results here: national results here: