Up and Down El Rio Blanco

Survey says,” Richard Dawson used to say on Family Feud before he revealed the survey answers on the popular TV game show.
I enjoyed the show and I also enjoy when I’m surveyed. I appreciate it when someone asks for my feedback, experience or opinion and it’s fun to learn the results. Today is my lucky day. A survey regarding our spending habits has been inserted into this week’s Herald Times. Former Meeker High School graduate Katie Stewart is working on her master’s degree at Colorado Mesa University in business administration and is doing her thesis on sales tax leakage.
Katie has been working with the Meeker Chamber of Commerce, the Town of Meeker and Rio Blanco County on the survey, which she is asking to be returned by Feb. 16. Katie said her thesis is due in May, after which she will share the results with the public.
While Katie is asking for the return of her survey in mid-February, the Eastern Rio Blanco Metropolitan Recreation and Park District (ERBM) will be sending out a survey of its own about the same time. The ERBM survey results will be used for the district’s master plan.