Up and down el Rio Blanco: Peace

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Our community got a double dose of sad news Saturday last with the passing of Kris Borchard and Jeb Berthelson. It is my hope we can all find the peace I believe Kris and Jeb now have.I have lots of beliefs but only know a couple things for sure: first, I’m a sinner and second, I know I too will die. I don’t know the time, day or cause but that is where my beliefs come in.I believe in a loving and forgiving God who knows my faults but loves me anyway.When we were growing up, before we went to bed, we would ask our mom and our dad (when he wasn’t at sheep camp) for “la bendicion” or “the blessing.” It didn’t matter if my brothers, sister and I were fighting or if we were upset with our parents, we would all get down on our knees and ask for la bendicion. Mom would give us the blessing, holding her right thumb and index finger together, say the blessing in Spanish, then touch our lips with her three fingers, followed by a hug and kiss on the cheek before saying, “Te amo (I love you). Goodnight and happy dreams.”I don’t believe any of my siblings still ask our mom for la bendicion but I do. I enjoy the humble gesture and know my 86-year-old mom gets comfort from it.My mom has a very strong faith and I believe she has a direct connection with God. I used to live rather recklessly and didn’t make a lot of sober decisions, so I always asked my mom for the blessing whenever I said goodbye to her. I believed the blessing would help keep me safe but I also believed it would give my mom some peace if something were to ever happen to me. Now, la bendicion from my mom is cathartic for me and for my peace and I always tell her “te amo.”I’m thankful for each new day and find life easier when I let God’s will work through me instead of trying to impose my own. I work daily to make better decisions but I’m not perfect and do not judge others without first flashing back on the many mistakes I made, none of which I can change.I know these are hard times for the family and friends of Kris and Jeb but I believe they are now resting in God’s peace and I hope we can all find the same peace.