Up and Down El Rio Blanco: Working together

It has been said “the more hands, the easier the work,” and more can be accomplished when people or groups work together.
Teamwork has been in evidence a lot lately and not just by our local sports teams. Many volunteers, groups and organizations have worked together and accomplished much.
Thanks to all the individuals – businesses and organizations alike – who helped pull off the annual Rock Crawl event in Rangely and the Fall Festival in Meeker recently.
Thanks to everyone for working together to host another successful Energy Expo in Meeker, where representatives from energy companies working in Rio Blanco County shared information to better educate local residents of their activities in the area.
Thanks to those working together to build a new hospital in Rangely and thanks to the Meeker School District for working with the contractors, engineers, inspectors and the community to repair the Meeker Elementary School and the teamwork needed to accommodate the elementary students into the middle and high schools.
Thanks to the many who are working together to develop the Wagon Wheel Trail, an OHV trail system in Rio Blanco County.
Meeker football coach Ron Dupree said he wants to use the past to build the future and I agree. Let’s keep working together and the keep the momentum going, as we move into the busy hunting seasons.