Volunteers sought for Meeker “Save Our Youth” program

MEEKER I Former Meeker teachers, board members, businesses and other volunteers have made the local Save Our Student (S.O.S.) program possible for many years. This year the schools are once again seeking people who want to get involved and make a difference in a young kid’s life.
The time commitment can be as little as 30 minutes a week or much more depending on preference. The program was designed to offer kids more individual time, not just academically but emotionally. Parents are busy and additional one-on-one time is always beneficial when the message is “school is important.” Last year the number of volunteers dropped, due primarily to schools being moved around. This year the need is higher than ever and those coordinating the program look forward to creating matches that can last a lifetime.
One S.O.S. child was excited one day during the summer because she was going to lunch with “Grandma Doris,” her S.O.S. partner. The time is priceless for the kids, and past volunteers like Mary Strang, Doris Welle, Bill and Karen Ertmer, Shirley Harp, J.H. Sheridan, Bonnie Coryell, Stacey Huddleston, David Steele Steinman, Martha Cole, Pastor Johnny Arrington and his wife Patty, and Father Scott Hollenbeck, have spent countless hours making that time count.
The program is so important because the list of kids seldom shortens but the volunteer list does. This is an opportunity for high school students to get volunteer time for their transcripts, grandparents to spend time with young kids, or perhaps parents without kids at home to spend an hour helping other students. In the past businesses have cooperated by giving employees time to volunteer, and successful businessmen and women have taken a small piece of time out of their week to make a big difference in a kid’s week, and life.
If you have an interest in helping contact Vicky Tate, Becky Hughes, Laurel Mullins or Meredith Deming at the elementary school 878-9050. The school year is officially underway and S.O.S. is a great asset to the schools. It is essential to keep the program going for the benefit of our kids.