Water Law in a Nutshell class recordings available

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Do you know the difference between an absolute water decree and a conditional water decree? Or the definition of a storage right? If you had the opportunity to attend the “Water Law in a Nutshell” class presented by Mr. Aaron Clay and hosted by the Douglas Creek Conservation District in July, you had the opportunity to learn this and much more about water law.
An absolute decree is, “a water court decree recognizing that a water right has been perfected, or made real, by placing previously unappropriated water to beneficial use.” A conditional decree is, “a right with a recognized priority date for a new proposed water appropriation.” A storage right is, “the right to impound water in priority for later use.” (Water Law in A Nutshell, Aaron R. Clay)

If you were unable to attend this class or need a refresher course, you are in luck. The Water Law in a Nutshell course was recorded by the District when it was presented in Rangely this summer and is available for purchase from the Conservation Districts’ office.

The videos are divided up into an eight-part series to cover the full day course (roughly eight hours of information). The cost of the recordings is $50. The price includes the eight video segments, the Water Law In A Nutshell handbook developed by the course instructor, and the Citizens Guide to Water Law prepared by the Colorado Foundation for Water Education. Contact Tristan at the Conservation District Office at 970-878-9838 or whiterivercd@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding the recording or would like to purchase a set.