What is patriotism?

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Patriotism comes in many different actions, feelings and opinions. When we are in elementary school we stand up for the pledge because it’s what our classmates are doing. We take our hats off in buildings because the teachers tell us to, but what is the true meaning of patriotism? Patriotism to me is knowing that I won’t fight under any other flag; teaching others the importance of being a loyal American, and being appreciative to the men and women who haven given their lives for our comfort.
The flag is a symbol of our freeness. Standing up and reciting the pledge is a celebration of why we are all standing in this room. Without each and every one of the brave soldiers we could not be proudly proclaiming our free country.
I think the first aspect of being a patriot is being informed. School is also a great way to learn about patriotism. I think just a few quick minutes in the week could help explain what the real meaning is. You could visit with veterans in your own community and listen to their heartwarming stories. When all is said and done, you have to decide for yourself what you’re going to represent and who you are going to become.
The next action in my eyes would be continually showing how grateful we all are. People all over the United States don’t understand what people have given for us. Men and women are willing to risk everything they have, drop their ordinary lives and fight in our honor to make sure this country stays free. If someone has that much courage to fight for us, they definitely deserve a strong than you.
Every day we take for granted our comfy environments and easygoing lifestyles, when we have no idea what people have gone through to get things this way. When the day is over, we have to make our own choices about what this free country means to us, and how every day is a true gift.