Winter concert…

The combined eighth grade/high school band concert was held in Meeker Dec. 19. Band members and instruments pictured: Shelby Steele, flute; Macy Collins, percussion; Jose Garcia, trumpet; Sai Kumai Kallepelli, percussion; and Rowdy Rosendahl, trumpet and Santa Claus. Reed Kelley photo
The Meeker School District’s Winter Band and Choir Concert featuring the sixth and seventh grade bands, and the combined eighth grade/high school band, as well as the high school choir was presented Dec. 19. Director Jeff Hemingson introduced the next number—”Mary Did You Know” combined with “Let All Mortal Flesh Be Silent”—a favorite. Left to right, Hemingson, Mikayla Cardile (behind Hemingson), Annelise Amack, Brynlee Williams (hidden by Amack), Elissa Quinteros, Zach Harman, Shelby Steele, Kolbi Franklin, Jorgen Stagg, Hope Cary, Abby Rosendahl, Ridge Williams, Josalyn Lawrence, Bradey Potetz, Mason Holliday and Savana May. Hemingson announced the choir had just heard that they’ve placed nine members into the 2018 Western Slope Honor Choir.
Reed Kelley photo