WREA announces rebate on customers’ Nov. bill

MEEKER I ‘Tis the season for giving, and White River Electric Association, Inc., is giving back with a power rebate, which will appear as a bill credit on members’ November bills, which will arrive in the mail the first week of December.

WREA strives to maximize value for the membership year around. WREA’s most recent effort comes in the form of WREA’s Power Rebate (also known as the capacity commitment program). WREA enrolled in the capacity program in 2014, and, thanks to strong electric loads, WREA met all of the program’s requirements in 2014.
The power rebate will be issued based on each meter’s 2014 electric use. The average power rebate will be about one-half of a meter’s average monthly bill. All rate classes, including residential, small commercial and industrial, will receive the Power Rebate. Members with greater average electric use will receive a larger rebate. WREA hopes the rebate sweetens the holiday season for its members.
WREA General Manager Alan Michalewicz says the capacity program is limited and he doesn’t know if WREA will receive the rebate in coming years.
“While we can’t predict the future of the program, we are pleased to share this year’s success and hope it brightens the holiday season for our membership,” he said.
Please call White River Electric Association with any questions or see www.wrea.org for more information.