Forest Service issues emergency closure for Spring Cave

MEEKER | The Blanco Ranger District has issued an emergency closure order for Spring Cave. The cave and karst system above the cave is being monitored for potential impacts resulting from the 2018 Cabin Lake fire. Due to the unique and susceptible composition of this area, the District has issued a temporary closure order to protect the area from additional erosion, ensure visitor safety, and to let the area recover over the upcoming spring months.

The closure includes the spur trail that leads to the cave, which is accessible from Cliff Lakes Trail-1831, the area surrounding the cave and being within the cave itself. The closure will be in effect until after potential spring run-off impacts can be assessed.

 “This site may have been disturbed from the Cabin Lake fire activity last fall,” said Curtis Keetch, District Ranger. “The emergency closure will protect the area as the snow begins to melt and provide for visitors’ safety in and around the cave.”

For more information please contact the Blanco Ranger Station at 970-878-4039 or visit