RBC Search and Rescue kept busy during first rifle season

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RBC | The first rifle season in Rio Blanco County had numerous Back Country Rescue and Search and Rescue deployments.

Friday, Oct. 12—A 61-year-old male from Tennesse was bucked off a horse and suffered a possible left hip fracture in the Jensen Wildlife area around Mile Marker 55, Hwy. 13.  Meeker Fire/Rescue responded and upon further evaluation it was decided the best extraction method would be with flight due to road conditions. Classic Air Medical transported patient to St. Mary’s.

Saturday, Oct. 13—41-year-male from Morrison, Colo., was reported as a possible missing hunter in the Dead Horse Loop area. The party was hunting and had spoken to family as to the general area but there was uncertainty as to where he was camped or where he deployed from camp at. While obtaining further information, the family called and stated they had met up with him and everything was good no need to search.

Sunday, Oct. 14—54-year-old male from Arkansas was bucked off a horse complaining of shoulder and chest injury on Routt Forest Service 1172 also known as “Transfer Trail.” Meeker Fire/Rescue responded, this is part of the county that has a mutual aid agreement with Routt County as their response time is much quicker, Routt County Search and Rescue responded. The party was accessible by horse only. Knowing extended timing and limited access, Classic Air Medical responded and transported the patient to St. Mary’s. 

Monday, Oct. 15—55-year-old male from Alabama having chest pain in the Wilson Mesa area around Rio Blanco County Road 53. The call came in through Colorado State Patrol as this is near the Moffat County/Rio Blanco County line. Moffat County Search and Rescue responded along with Classic Air Medical. While on the phone with Colorado State Patrol (CSP), the party lost consciousness. CSP guided people on scene through CPR while service was available, but the party had stopped breathing and had no pulse. Classic Air Medical arrived to pronounce and transported patient to Pioneers Medical Center to meet the Rio Blanco County coroner.

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