Robinson Crusoe in Rangely

RANGELY | Fifty-three K-12th graders auditioned for the musical play “Robinson Crusoe” presented by the Missoula Children’s Theatre company Jan. 20-25 in Rangely. Parents, students and community members enjoyed a matinee on Friday and an evening performance on Saturday.

The K-12th grade cast of characters included:  Robinson: Norrah Patch; Wilson: Macy Morgan; Leonard the Leopard: Lauren Ward and Mother: Abagail Patch.

Friday’s Family—Saturday: Angalina Peck; Sunday: Chloe Noel; Monday: Valynn Broderick;

Tuesday: Josephine Hamblin; Wednesday: Emelia Noyes; Thursday: Johnathan Lance.

Octet—Oscar the Octopus: Caleb Wiley; Harley the Monkey: Kenzie Hill; Wild Boar Willy: Gabriel Vaughn; Marty the Turtle: Matthew Morgan; Myrtle the Turtle: Taya Wren; Glinda the Gull: Samantha Granger; Polly the Parrot: Rachel Elder; Stella the Stork: Rachel Larsen.

Goats—Billy: Zoie Britt; Bill: Spencer Polley; Willy: Jasmine Preciado; Will: Aspen Steele; Wilma: Halle Harris.

The Frowny-Face Crew: Danielle Urbanik, Ethan Hacking, Addison Thayn, Lilliana Luthge,  Jesse Barger, Kolton Wilczek, Kira Jo Benson, Dixie Hall, Danielle Packer, Ashlynn Britt, Taylor Fouch, Zane Wiley, Breyan Barger, Briggen Harris, Roarie Emmons and Everett Boren.

Chameleons: Danielle Thayn, Dawnlynn Smuts, Kandra Culpepper, Isabella Morgan, Jaxon Hagin, Kesleigh Kennedy, Joseph Kaschke-Vargo, Jaylee Bishop, Skyleigh Baskall, James Hagin, Jett Harris, Avery Steele, Callie Barger and Samantha Guzman.

Many people were involved behind the scenes to make this play a success including: Drama Teachers: Kamilee Jorgenson and Michelle Wilkie; Lighting Technicians:  Michelle Wilkie and Ashton Bennett; Assistant Director: Dusty Hall; Accompanist: Carol Morton; Rangely Coordinator: Cheryl Blackburn; Friday-Tour Actor/Director: Matthew Porter; Director-Tour Actor/Director: Anna Schindler.

This project is partially supported by the National Endowment for the Arts. Also supported in part by a grant from the Montana Arts Council, an agency of the state government, and the National Endowment for the Arts. The Missoula Theatre residency in Rangely was made possible by the Rangely School District with help from private donations.

Purposely varying from the plot of Daniel Defoe’s novel, MCT’s “Robinson Crusoe” teaches the lesson that reading invites more than observation. Unlike TV and movies, which provide every detail, a book allows the reader the luxury and the joy of imagination.

Photos by Matt Scoggins | Special to the Herald Times