Stocking stuffers for outdoorsmen and DIY-ers

RBC I While checking those big ticket items off your holiday shopping list can be stressful, don’t let stocking stuffers bog you down. Simple gifts that show you care about your recipient and their hobbies work great.
For those who love the garage and the great outdoors, here are a few cool stocking stuffer ideas that serve a useful purpose and are easy to find.

Glasses, Secured
For those with prescription glasses, consider clip-on sunglasses with UV protection. These are handy for those who don’t wear contacts but still want the same protection from the sun for their eyes.
And don’t forget that keeping one’s glasses or sunglasses secured is a must—whether out on the water for a day white water rafting or in the yard on the riding mower. A glasses retainer is just the tool to do the trick. This inexpensive item can be found at most optical retailers and sporting goods stores and usually come in a variety of colors and styles.

Light it Up
No one appreciates powerful, long-lasting light more than campers and DIY-ers. Go beyond a standard flashlight, however, and check out a pop-up lanterns and folding lanterns that are easy-to-operate, water-resistant and lightweight enough to take anywhere.
Headlamps are especially handy, as they are comfortable to wear and completely hands-free.
Make sure to include high-quality batteries Low-quality batteries are more prone to leakage. Leaking batteries are a common problem and can cause corrosion, ruining a great device when you need it most.

Knife Sharpener
No hunter, angler or camper should leave home for an adventure without a knife sharpener. Additionally, every garage should have this tool, as well. Gift this essential gear this season for happier trails and DIY-ing.
Stocking stuffers are an easy way to be extra thoughtful. You don’t need to spend a fortune to include items that will be invaluable to your gift recipients during their next projects or outdoor adventures.