Guest Editorial: Why vote Chip McCrory for district attorney?

RBC I I’m Chip McCrory, the independent candidate for 9th Judicial District Attorney for Rio Blanco, Garfield and Pitkin Counties. As an independent, I am not the choice of political insiders. All voters in the District, regardless of party, signed petitions to place me on the ballot. As an independent, I am free to do […]

Guest Editorial: Building a prosperous Rio Blanco County, Part II ~ Attracting businesses and employers

RBC I Attracting new business to a community requires a methodical approach. The possibility of an outside business relocating to Rio Blanco County “out of the blue” isn’t a likely reality. A more likely situation is a community identifying existing markets that show the greatest growth potential and systematically reaching out to those business owners […]

Building a prosperous Rio Blanco County

By Katelin Cook Economic Development Coordinator Special to the Herald Times PART ONE RBC | Recently the Herald Times covered a story about the Center for Outdoor Adventure being proposed for Meeker. This is great news, but this is only one aspect of a bigger plan; a plan where the sum of the parts will be […]

Understanding standardized testing in our schools

By Chris Selle Superintendent, Meeker School District Special to the Herald Times MEEKER | State testing. Those two words invoke strong feelings for many, and much conversation around the appropriate type and amount of state testing has occurred in Colorado in recent years. Over the past few weeks, we have received the final results from […]

Guest Editorial: Hickenlooper seems determined to kill coal jobs

RBC I Governor John Hickenlooper reportedly is contemplating executive orders that could cost thousands of Coloradans their jobs, and drive future energy bills through the roof, all without the approval of the people or their representatives in the Statehouse. Hickenlooper likes to highlight job creation as a pillar of his “legacy.” Yet he mysteriously has […]

A Look at the West: It seems like neither party is talking the issues

RBC I The next few weeks in politics are a little like the All-Star break in baseball. With the Republican and Democratic national conventions upon us, it’s a good time to step back and assess this year’s election. Which carries bad news for both parties. Share on Facebook

A Look at the Nation: Just what is it that Trump, Cinton are fighting for?

RBC I Barring any more surprises from the Republican National Convention in Cleveland, the race for the presidency is set. So this seems a good time to step back and consider just what it is that Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump are fighting about. Share on Facebook

A Look at the News: Be happy! Worry is such a major waste of time, energy

RBC I Worrying is often an automatic response when you are facing problems, dilemmas, or uncertainty. Constant worrying creates physical and mental problems without providing any benefits. Worrying is like being in a rocking chair. It’s a lot of activity that doesn’t get you anywhere. Share on Facebook

A Look at the West: There is a wide role for military veterans in conservation

RBC I Stacy Bare came home from Iraq in 2007 with a traumatic brain injury and post-traumatic stress, unsure of where he fit into the world, and unmoored without the military. Liquor and cocaine seemed the best means of coping, and he often thought of suicide, until a fellow Army vet took him rock climbing […]

Non-profit groups play vital role where school district is concerned

MEEKER I Upon completing my first year as superintendent of the Meeker School District, I have had the opportunity to reflect on the phenomenal community support provided by various non-profit entities in Meeker. Share on Facebook

A Look at the West: Anti-frackers undermining Colorado’s environmental progress

RBC I Fear-mongering has been the favored tactic of environmental activists in their zeal to defend local fracking bans. Share on Facebook

Tipton: Coal program under fire

RBC I U.S. Rep. Scott Tipton (CO-03) submitted remarks to the U.S. Department of Interior (DOI) during a listening session on the administration’s review of the federal coal program on June 23. The DOI has launched a comprehensive review of the federal coal program to identify and consider potential reforms. Share on Facebook