Loose Ends: Neighboring makes a difference

Rural community life is dependent on the bond between community members. No matter what is going on politically or economically, people do reach out and make a difference in the lives of their fellow residents.

Loose Ends: Weather unwise

What should I pack?” asked a first-time visitor to the White River valley. This question is often asked as if there is a definitive answer. No one understands when most people respond with a vague answer that indicates even year-round residents don’t have a clue.

Loose Ends: Have you seen those five guys?

Where did all the deer go?” Wildlife management experts were asked. Talk about predators, habitat decimation and not maintaining the health of the herd ensued. Town residents appeared a bit perplexed, as most responded to that question quickly and easily.

Loose Ends: Get involved in the community

Every few years or so, a survey gauging the health and well-being of the community arrives in the mailbox. Some residents dutifully document their opinions, while others put it in their to-do pile or throw it away.

Loose Ends: Sorry, wrong number

A  long time ago dialing a wrong number was an occasion for staying on the phone.

Loose Ends: Watching the dogs

The sturdy black and white border collie, Tug, was firm and focused.

Loose Ends: Show and tell time

The beginning of school is usually the introduction of a time-honored tradition in the primary grade classroom: show and tell. Preschoolers and kindergarteners delight in sharing items they picked up during summer vacation or even a special rock or stick they found out in the yard.

Loose Ends: Words, like clothes, go in and out of fashion

“Dude” is one old-fashioned word that has become modern.

Loose Ends: The art of saying hello

“We are so glad to be able to hello each other” the editor of the Meeker Herald noted more than 100 years ago, shortly after the telephone lines were connected between Meeker and Buford.

Loose Ends: Tourists and Trappers Lake

Are we there yet?” takes on new meaning when one heads up the White River to share a favorite hiking and fishing spot.

Loose Ends: Weather watching year ‘round

Spring was three weeks late, the summer monsoons three weeks early and even the reliable western sunshine all of us have come to count on popped in and out unpredictably. Weather watching now tops the list of time wasters. One just never knows if it is possible to count on a few hours without precipitation […]

Loose Ends: Steers tried to skedaddle before sale

Will you come see me show my sheep at the fair this summer?” asked one of my younger friends earlier this year.