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Meeker school board members Mary Strang and Ed Coryell were presented with gifts from Strang’s daughter Lisa Walsh and Coryell’s grandkids Logan and Sydney Hughes. Vicky Crawford made a cake to thank the pair for 44 years of combined service to the district.

RBC votes in record numbers

Jennifer Hill

RBC I Both school districts in Rio Blanco County have new board members after the Nov. 1, 2011 coordinated election, which had a record voter turnout in the east end of the county

Letter to the Editor: Proposition seeks to save our schools

Dear Editor: Two weeks ago the Governor’s Office of State Planning and Budget announced that the state will need to cut $200-$500 million from its fiscal year 2012-2013 budget.

Letter to the Editor: Candidate withdraws from board election

Dear Editor: It is with regret that I withdraw my name from the ballot of the RE-1 School Board election coming in November. I came to the realization that I was not going to be able to commit 100 percent to the responsibilities and obligations which the Meeker school board deserves.

Candidates speak at forum

Kurt Blunt, Mindy Burke, Ed Coryell, Mary Strang and Marnell Bradfield, all candidates for three seats on the Meeker Board of Education, participated in a forum, sponsored by the Meeker Education Association and the school district’s accountability committee. Burke, Coryell and Strang are incumbents.

MEEKER I The Meeker Education Association and the Meeker School District’s accountability committee presented a forum for the five candidates on the Nov. 1 ballot for three available seats on the school board.

Meeker School Board candidate forum Oct. 10

MEEKER I Come and hear what our school board candidates have to say!

Board moves forward

MEEKER I The Meeker school board agreed to begin moving forward on the repairs to the new elementary school but construction will only begin after a separate geotechnical firm reviews the building’s existing foundation.

Neenan president apologizes

bobby gutierrez Randy Myers, president of The Neenan Company, apologized to the school board and the community for the current situation at the new Meeker Elementary School at a workshop held in the high school cafeteria Tuesday. The Neenan Company designed and built the new school but designed the building with an occupancy category of I instead of a category III, the required code for schools. Myers said the repair project is his company’s number one priority, at no additional cost to the taxpayers for the inconvenience.

MEEKER I With the Meeker High School cafeteria serving as the new board room, more than 50 taxpayers joined the Meeker Board of Education, The Neenan Company, SCI, Inc., and Vanir for a public workshop Tuesday to discuss the current status of the new elementary school, the needed repairs and a timeline for completion.

Letter to the Editor: Transparency called into question

Dear Editor: In light of the letter to the editor from Mr. Kennedy with regard to the ongoing problems with the Meeker school board, I was wondering how many signatures would be required to initiate a recall of the entire current Meeker school board. 

Letter to the Editor: New blood needed on Meeker school board

Dear Editor: It has come to my attention that we have school board members coming up for reelection.

Letter to the Editor: Hen house attracts clever foxes

Dear Editor: An engineering firm and common sense has determined our new Meeker elementary school to be “unsafe” for our children and teachers. The taxpayer now has an $18,000,000 white elephant.

Meeker Elementary: The move is on

MEEKER I More than 10 days after the Meeker Board of Education directed superintendent Susan Goettel to remove students from the new elementary school because of safety concerns and take steps to provide for their education, including modifying the school calendar, plans were adopted to do both, even though they have yet to receive the […]