Give moose plenty of space

RBC I Colorado Parks and Wildlife wants to remind people to give wildlife plenty of room, especially when it comes to moose. The moose population is thriving in Colorado and as the number of moose rise, so does the chance for human interaction with them. Share on Facebook

Big bull…

This bull moose taken by Gerald Morris in the Trappers’ Lake area in the first moose season in this region had a 46-1/2 inch antler spread. Share on Facebook

Meszaros gets first-ever archery moose in area…

Meeker Town Manager Scott Meszaros was fortunate Sept. 23 to be the first person to ever harvest a Shiras moose in the Upper White River Basin/Flattops Wilderness Region. Share on Facebook

Man sentenced in moose case

A hunter from Highlands Ranch, Colo., pleaded guilty April 1 to a felony and several misdemeanors in a case that highlights a growing concern for Colorado wildlife managers — hunters who fail to correctly identify big game animals. Share on Facebook

Moose on the loose: DOW moves 19 moose

Moose moved into the White River National Forest on their own, migrating from other areas. Now, with transplants from Utah, the Division of Wildlife is adding to the local numbers in hopes of establishing a bigger population in Rio Blanco County. Share on Facebook