CPW to host meeting on moose and wolves Dec. 10

Colorado Parks and Wildlife is hosting a two-hour public meeting in Walden on Dec. 10 to discuss the continuation of a study on moose that will have a new focus on understanding the coexistence with wolves in North Park. In addition to research updates and plans, experts will be available to answer questions about wolf reintroduction planning, as well as current wolf management policy.

“The meeting length will really be determined by everyone’s questions,” said CPW Mammals Research Biologist Eric Bergman. “We invite the public to come learn more about this project as it relates to past research and why we are refining some of our research questions to put us in a more informed position in the future when we need to simultaneously manage moose, elk, deer and wolves.”

No RSVP is required for the meeting. Capacity for public observation will be limited based on building code and is subject to change due to COVID-19 restrictions. As per State guidance, masks will be required for meeting attendees.


Date: Friday, Dec. 10, 2021

Time: 6 p.m.

Location: Jackson County Fairgrounds and Wattenberg Center, 686 CR 42.

Research project to be discussed: Pilot Evaluation of Prey Survival and Distribution Following Exposure to Wolf Predation Risk in North Park, Colorado.

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  1. You introduced a non native species-the moose to Colorado.Moose live on the the willow trees that during this climate crisis are essential to native species. Colorado needs wolves to help keep moose numbers in check. You know very well that moose are 10 times bigger than wolves and 90% of the time wolves don’t get their family a meal from moose. The moose that wolves do bring down are usually ill. Please do the work that you are committed to do and be true to the W in CPW. I believe your desire to always make plans to kill predators is for your personal ideology not what is good for Colorado , it’s wildlife and wildlands. Do you want more moose so your CPW staff can go on more moose hunts? Just curious. I saw photos of one of your last moose kills. I think it was a record breaking weight majestic bull.

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