Regional PPK…

Six kids from Meeker participated in the Regional Punt, Pass and Kick competition in Grand Junction on Sunday including Tanner Ridgeway, Hayden Shults, Bella Gianinetti, Connor Blunt, Marin Shults and Ellie Haussig.

Sectional PPK …

Skylar Thacker

As a result of Skylar Thacker’s exceptional performance in the sectional competition in Grand Junction, Colo., Thacker qualified for the 2012 NFL Punt, Pass and Kick Denver Broncos Team Championship competition.

PPK contestants await results

Several Rangely youngsters participated in the sectional Punt, Pass and Kick competition held in Grand Junction this past Saturday. Medals were awarded to the top three in each age group, (left to right) Patrick Scoggins, third; R.J. Richens; Katelyn Brown, first; Skylar Thacker, first. Mekenzie Morley (not pictured) placed third. The top finishers earning a chance to compete in the state championship at a Denver Bronco game in December. To participate in the state event their score must be in the top four of the nine sectional events held throughout the state and outlying areas.

RBC I Rio Blanco County was well represented in the sectional Punt Pass and Kick contest held in Grand Junction Sunday.

NFL Pass, Punt and Kick results

NFL Punt, Pass and Kick participants RJ Richens (2nd place: 8-9), Katelyn Brown (3rd place: 12-13), Nych DeLeon (1st place: 12-13), Tristen Rohn (1st place: 10-11). Not pictured: Sarah Connor (2nd place: 10-11).

RANGELY I The Punt, Pass and Kick sectional competition was held Sunday, Oct. 16 at Stocker Stadium in Grand Junction.

Brown, Lepro advance in PPK competition

RANGELY — Last Sunday, several of Rangely’s own traveled to Grand Junction to test their football skills against youngsters from all over western Colorado in the NFL Punt, Pass and Kick competition.