‘Rock stars’ help prep for pow wow

MEEKER — More than 40 people — many of them children — showed up to remove rocks from the site of the Smoking River Pow Wow.
And that made them stars.
In fact, each of the participants will receive a T-shirt that read, “I’m a Rock Star.”
“I was very pleased (with the turnout),” said Lynn Lockwood, who organized the event who, much to the delight of the rock picker-uppers, ordered pizza afterward.
“I even had one of the moms tell me that her children, after helping to pick up rocks, demanded that she take them to the pow wow,” Lockwood said. “That’s exactly what we wanted to have happen.”
The Smoking River Pow Wow will be July 25-26 at the site of the annual Meeker Sheepdog Championship Trials.