Letter: 2009 was reappraisal year for property tax

Property tax notices have been sent to property owners by the county treasurer. 2009 was a reappraisal year. Property values for the 2009 tax year reflect property sales from Jan. 1, 2007, through June 30, 2008. According to law, Colorado Revised Statue 39-1-104, property is re-valued every odd-numbered year, using sales from 18 months prior to July 1 of the reappraisal year. If you have questions regarding your tax bill, please contact the assessor’s office.
For 2008 taxes, payable in 2009, the state of Colorado paid a portion of your property taxes if you had a Senior Exemption on your property. For 2009 taxes, payable in 2010, the state changed the exemption amount to 0. If you have concerns about the change of the Senior Exemption payment, please notify your state legislators.
By law, Colorado Revised Statues 39-5-10, the assessor shall list all taxable real and personal property located within his/her county on the assessment date with the exception of public utilities. The valuation of both real and personal property is accomplished by the assessment function of discovering, listing, classifying and valuing. The discovery of property involves examining the records of the clerk and recorder, physically reviewing all property, examining building permits and property listing in telephone books, business journals and other documents. Field visits are conducted when property has sold, when building permits for new improvements have been issued, or when there are visual changes. According to Colorado Division of Property Taxation guidelines, the assessor is to re-check property in a timely manner. Appraisers will leave an informational door hanger if no one is at home at the time of field visit. Listing of property includes describing and identifying the physical location of property. Classification consists of determining the correct class for all property located in the county according to its use on the assessment date of Jan. 1. Property is then valued by the assessor following criteria set by statute and appraisal procedures and guidelines issued by the Property Tax Administrator.
The 2010 Personal Property Declaration Schedule for business owners and oil and gas operators will be going out in February. By law, Colorado Revised Statue 39-5-108, the declaration schedules must be returned to the assessor’s office by April 15. If you do not receive a 2010 declaration schedule, you may find the correct form for your business by accessing the Colorado Division of Property Taxation Web site at www.dola.colorado.gov/dpt. If you have questions, please call the county assessor’s office at 878-9410.
Renae Neilson
Rio Blanco County assessor