4-H livestock judging performs well at ADCO event

RBC — The RBC 4-H Livestock Judging team began the season at the ADCO judging extravaganza April 5 in Brighton, Colo.
4-H judges from both ends of the county competed at the contest and performed well at what most would call an inordinately challenging contest for the start of the season.
Roxie Long loaded five members of her Panther Country club in the van.
Aschley and Kristin Loman, Lisa Walker, Caulen Pennell and James Rogers joined Maclaine and Madi Shults, Katie Dinwiddie and Stacey Fitzgibbons on the 7.5 hour ride over that was laden with too many pit stops and wrong turns. Madi was driving in Denver for the first time.
Morgan and Taylor Nielson chartered their own flight and avoided unnecessary delays and were at the contest by 6:30 a.m. Saturday bright-eyed and ready to judge. The rest of the team got there at 8:59 a.m. sharp; just seconds ahead of the 9 a.m. official start.
Stacey, Morgan, Aschley and Lisa made up the RBC senior team. They placed eighth overall out of 20 teams that competed. Caulen and Kristin competed as individuals as they needed one more hand to make a full team.
Stacey placed 13th overall with 589 total points and Morgan was close behind at 16th with 584.
Morgan was third in sheep as she easily handled the wool breed ewe classes and scored a 46 in reasons.
The junior team of Taylor Nielson, Maclaine and Madi Shults and Katie Dinwiddie (rookie season) placed fourth overall out of 25 teams. James Rogers (rookie season) judged individually this time and gained valuable experience on the arena floor and in the reasons room.
Taylor finished the day eighth overall, eighth in placings, eighth in reasons, eighth in beef, and ninth in sheep.
Maclaine placed 11th overall (just out of 10th by one belch in the reasons room), fourth in reasons and third in sheep.
Madi Ann earned her first individual ribbon at a big east slope contest. She placed sixth overall in the swine division.
Three RBC judges traveled to Rocky Ford Saturday, April 12 to compete at the Otero County Invite.
Morgan helped her dad bleed some sheep on the way over and Madi and Maclaine had to scan bulls in outstanding weather. So the contest was a day off for all the girls. Madi had to drive home again.
Morgan was the lone senior judge and finished the day 10th overall, sixth in reasons and 10th in sheep.
Madi and Maclaine competed on the junior side. Maclaine was fourth overall, sixth in placings, third in reasons and second in beef. Mac talked a 48 in beef reasons which turned out to be the highest junior reasons score marked at that contest.
The next show was held in Hugo, Colo. (population 328) which is a famous speed trap on Hwy. 287 just a shade south of I-70. It could possibly argue for Colorado’s Arbor Day Award with a just a touch more water and a little more effort out of those hardy plains residents. But, they did put on a good contest.
Stacey and Katie decided to get back on the bus this time and Shelby Lopez decided to come along as well. But, nobody showed from Rangely. We heard rumors that the Rangely hands were helping the sewing club design Aschley’s tailor-made dancin’ dress for the prom. Caulen was heading up that project. He should have come with us.
Morgan and Stacey combined with a couple of judges from ADCO and won the whole works on the senior side.
Morgan was second overall, third in reasons, won sheep and was the fifth best hog “judger.”
Stacey managed 10th overall, 11th in Reasons (out of 10th by one nose hair) and was the fourth highest beef “judger.”
The Junior Team had their best day all season as they were the reserve champion team at the ‘08 Lincoln County Invite.
Taylor was the numero uno individual by a mile and a half. She was also fifth in reasons, fourth in beef, sixth in sheep and fifth in swine. We’re pretty sure she was first in placings but, alas, they were too embarrassed to recognize that accomplishment.
Maclaine was ninth overall, won reasons with 139 score on three sets and was ninth in sheep.
Shelby did not make the team because she overslept on the last two trips but she did finish 10th overall and was seventh best beef “judger.”
Some of us did make to Sterling in spite of the weather but as of this Pulitzer contending article’s release, accurate results were not available as the Logan County extension team had some technical issues and corrections to make before they posted the results. Heather Amen will take complaints at (970) 522 3200.
Not too sure yet if any one attended or made it back from the party held in the huge city of Kiowa, Colo., last Saturday either. We let you know when we know.