4-H members recognized for achievements

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RBC I Rangely and Meeker 4-H Achievement Nights
Rangely and Meeker 4-H Clubs announced awards in recent ceremonies. Rangely Awards Night was held Sunday, Nov. 7 while Meeker Awards Night was held Sunday, Nov. 14.

2010-2011 Rangely
Officer Team:
President — Torie Slagle
Vice President — Shelby Neiberger
Secretary — Sam Lapp
Treasurer — Tessa Slagle
Hstorian/Reporter — Kaylee Mecham
District 11 Senators — Cheyenne Steele and Layne Mecham
Pledge Leaders — Caitlyn Ducey and Kacie Lapp

2010-2011 Meeker
Officer Team
President — Taylor Neilson
Vice President — Nicole Hilkey
Secretary/Reporter — Macy Collins
Junior Treasurer — Faith Ann Goedert
Senior Treasurer — Kelsie Gross

Rangely 100% Club Completion Awards
Chipigitt- Anne Urie
Cloverbuds- Tammy Dorris
Fish Buddies-Roxie Leischer
Makin Bacon- Debbie Smith
Panther Country- Bonnie Long, Roxie Leischer and Danny Lapp

Meeker 100% Club Completion Awards
Wool Growers
WR Livestock
Meeker Beef
Marvelous Mutts
Cake Decorating
White River Swine

Rangely 75% Club Completion Awards
Muddy Mutts Dog Club — Barbara Urbanik
Scrapbooking Club — Amanda Davies

Meeker 75% Club Completion Awards
Meeker Poultry & Rabbits
DOW Jr. Officer’s Club
Model Rockets
Meeker Mallets

Rangely Club’s Community Pride Projects
Makin Bacon 4-H Club for cleaning the 4-H Community Pens
The Muddy Mutts Dog Club for fund raising and giving their profits to the Rangely Animal Shelter
Panther Country 4-H Club dyed Easter eggs for the Elks Club, did a trash pickup for Columbine Park, and purchased and filled Elks Club Christmas baskets with gifts
Chipigitt for donating dog food to the animal shelter and volunteering at Eagle Crest

Meeker Club’s Community Pride Projects
Cloverbuds — Planting flowers at the post office
Photography Club — Set up the fireworks stand
Sheepgrowers — Organizing and pulling sheep, part of the first annual livestock jackpot, clean up fireworks at the cemetery after the Fourth of July
Shotgun — Cleaned up the sportsman’s range
Beef Club — Cleaned up the arena after the Fourth of July Barn Dance
White River Livestock Club — Decorated the veteran’s graves at Highland Cemetery prior to the Memorial Day ceremony hosted by the VFW
The Cackling Hoppers put together the fair books and everyone helped
White River Swine — Colby Holyfield Memorial Jackpot, Fourth of July car parking
Meeker Ghostriders — Wilderness cleanup

2010 Rangely 4-H Leaders
1st Year
Hillary Hayes
Daniel Lapp

3rd Year
Amanda Davies
Anne Urie

6th Year
Roxie Leischer
Tamara Dorris

8th Year
Debbie Smith

9th Year
Barbara Urbanik

11th Year
Linda LeMaitre

15th Year
Bonnie Long

Meeker 2010 4-H Leaders
1st Year
Mike Brennan
Tyson Grant
Nathan Gregory
Cassi Hobbs
Holly Knowles
Cassie Powell
Starla Secrest-Pelloni
Jeannette Shepherd
Toni Simmons
Shey Wangnild
Boyd Wright

2nd Year
Catherine Eliasen
Tom Knowles
Suzan Pelloni
Edye Posey
Jon Wangnild

3rd Year
Diane Lange
Robert Lange

4th Year
Katie Day
Todd Morris

5th Year
Arlene Estes
Troy Osborn

6th Year
Anne Franklin
Becca Nielsen
Ann Marie Scritchfield

9th Year
Alan Waldref

10th Year
Claude Wood

11th Year
Lisa Walsh

12th Year
Hal Pearce
Becky Ridings

15th Year
Clint Shults

19th Year
Bob Klenda

25th Year
Bonnie Coryell
Mary Strang

26th Year
Rayola Rust

28th Year
Renae Neilson

2010 Rangely Cloverbuds
1st Year
Rylee Bell
Annika Collett
Kayja Collett
Andrew Dorris
Anthony Dorris
Anthony Garner
Richard Garner
Corbin Lucero
Braxton Moore
Audrye Patch
Norrah Patch
Wyatt Wiley

2010 Meeker Cloverbuds
1st Year
Samantha Copeland
Josh Day
Liam Deming
Autumn Hobbs
Kesston Hobbs
Trae Kennedy
Hailey Knowles
Austin Lopez
Trinden Powell
Zachary Skalla
Mykala Wille

2nd Year
Kelsay Atchley
Sarina Goedert
Tatumn Kennedy
Cori Mohr
Kyle Wangnild
Colton Wille

Rangely 4-H Members
1st Year
Kassidee Brown
Darion Collett
Klaire Denny
Caleb Urie
Lindsey York

2nd Year
Sarai Jamerson
Samantha Lapp
Alexis Lopez
Phalon Osborn
McKale Pennell
Evan Urie
Alanna Wiley
Alexis Wiley

3rd Year
Katelyn Brown
Anthony Martin
Kaylee Mecham
Casey Meeks

4th Year
Evan Long
CJ Lucero
Raelyn Norman
Cheyenne Steele
Ketson Rouse

5th Year
Colt Allred
Troy Allred
Justyne Dembowski
Kayla Fortunato
Landon Mecham
Layne Mecham
Myriah Moreno

6th Year
Ethan Allred
Katye Allred
Brittany Babineaux
Hannah Long

7th Year
Antoinette Dorris

8th Year
Shelby Neiberger
Caitlyn Ducey

9th Year
Kindal Cushman
Tessa Slagle
Torie Slagle
Jake Smith

2010 Meeker 4-H Member 1st Year
James Amick
Michael Beck
Matilda Brown
Pake Burke
Sydney Cochran
Caroline Copeland
Cory Cox
Kristen Cox
Julia Dinwiddie
Peyton Fellows
Eli Hanks
Tannen Kennedy
Lila Klinglesmith
Andy Kracht
Hannah Murphy
Joe Newman
Derek Nielsen
Kasey Rosendahl
Adrian Shroyer
Stephen Walsh
Sena Zellers

2nd Year
Ellie Anderson
Mary Baylie
Dannon Bolton
Kale Burke
Julia Eskelson
Kolbi Franklin
Faith Goedert
Kylloe Goedert
Uri Goedert
Jacob Henderson
Jared Henderson
JC Henderson
Amber Holding
Laura Keeler
Ashlee Lawson
Daylon Nielsen
Jessica Palmer
Reese Pertile
Riley Pertile
Kenzie Turner
Bryn Walter
Avery Watt
Dayton Willey
Cydnee Zaleski

3rd Year
Michael Beck
Kyle Bland
Braydin Henderson
Logan Hughes
Savannah Johnson
Colin Keeler
Julia Keeler
Lori Ann Klinglesmith
Justin Lawson
Maegan McGruder
Cody Nielsen
Sam Palmer
Jacob Pelloni
Tristin Pelloni
Grant Sanderson
Taylor Still
Casey Turner
Perye Walter

4th Year
Clay Anderson
John Belland
Sophia Belland
Bradi Bland
Kinzy Burke
Charlie Day
Kaitlyn Dinwiddie
Keenan Ducey
Chevy Mohr
Sam Nieslanik
Reagan Pearce
Tevin Pelloni
Austin Purcell
Cody Purcell
Cole Purcell
Madison Shults
Anna Walsh
Aubrey Walsh
Jenna Walsh
CJ Wangnild

5th Year
Halle Ahrens
Taylor Ahrens
Tell Blanke
Macy Collins
Kaylynn Dunham
Ty Dunham
Kelsie Gross
Piper Haney
Jamie Moyer
Deena Norell
Megan Parker
Reagan Pearce
Jacob Posey
Aly Ridings
Jake Smith
Meghan Smith

6th Year
Shelby Burke
Sydney Hughes
Mason Scritchfield
Nate Walsh

7th Year
Emily Eliasen
Taylor Neilson
Tristan Nielsen
Maclaine Shults

8th Year
Sam Baylie
Anna Eliasen
Lathrop Hughes
Brittany Smith

9th Year
Taylor Morris
Colter Otwell

10th Year
Brett Carroll
Nicole Hilkey
Trey Morris
Morgan Neilson
Krystal Otwell

11th Year
Stacey Fitzgibbons

Rangely & Meeker
Livestock Record Book Award Winners
Horse Record Book/Sr Champion — Shelby Neiberger, Award Donated by Rio Blanco Farm Bureau
Horse Record Book/Int Champion — Sydney Hughes, Award Donated by Moon Lake Electric
Horse Record Book/Junior Champion — Maggie Phelan
Beef Record Book/Sr Champion — Morgan Neilson, Award Donated by Rio Blanco Farm Bureau
Beef Record Book/Sr Reserve — Shelby Neiberger
Beef Record Book/Int Champion — Aly Ridings, Award Donated by David & Karen Arnold
Beef Record Book/Int Reserve — Justyne Demboski
Beef Record Book/Jr Champion — Lila Klinglesmith, Award Donated by Avis Village Floral
Beef Record Book/Jr Reserve — Kinzy Burke
Breeding Beef Record Book — Macy Collins, Award Donated by RBC Abstract
Sheep Record Book/Sr Champion — Mason Scritchfield, Award Donated by Rio Blanco Farm Bureau
Sheep Record Book/Sr Reserve — Kelsie Gross
Sheep Record Book/Int Champion — Aly Ridings, Award Donated by Walter & Patty Powell
Sheep Record Book/Int Reserve — Cheyenne Steele
Sheep Record Book/Jr Champion — Macy Collins, Award Donated by Alvin & Linda Jones
Sheep Record Book/Jr Reserve — Tannen Kennedy
Breeding Sheep Record Book — Macy Collins, Award Donated by Alliance Energy
Swine Record Book/Sr Champion — Torie Slagle, Award Donated by Rio Blanco Farm Bureau
Swine Record Book/Sr Reserve — Tessa Slage
Swine Record Book/Int Campion — Jenna Walsh, Award Donated by Danny & Amanda Arnold
Swine Record Book/Int Reserve — Evan Urie
Swine Record Book/Jr Champion — Andy Kract, Award Donated by Alvin & Linda Jones
Swine Record Book/Jr Reserve — Phalon Osborn
Goat Record Book/Sr Champion — Shelby Neiberger, Award Donated by Rio Blanco County Farm Bureau
Goat Record Book/Sr Reserve Champion — Tessa Slagle
Goat Record Book/Int Champion — Bradin Bland, Award Donated by Jim & Vickie Claybaugh
Goat Record Book/Int Reserve — Ethan Allred
Goat Record Book/Jr Champion — Macy Collins, Award Donated by Jeanie Peterson
Goat Record Book/Jr Reserve — Kaylee Mecham
Breeding Goat Record Book — Macy Collins, Award Donated by FNBR Meeker
Dog Record Book/Sr Champion — Tessa Slagle
Dog Record Book/Intermediate Champion — Sydney Hughes
Dog Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion — Caitlyn Ducey
Dog Record Book Junior Champion — Macy Collins, Award Donated by FNBR Meeker
Dog Record Book junior Reserve Champion — Kyler Bland
Rabbit Record Book Intermediate Champion — Sydney Hughes
Rabbit Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion — Caitlyn Ducey
Rabbit Record Book Junior Champion — Maggie Phelan
Poultry Record Book Intermediate Champion — Antoinette Dorris
Poultry Record Book Intermediate Reserve Champion — Ketsen Rouse
Poultry Record Book Junior Champion — Maggie Phelan

Livestock Awards
Outstanding Senior Livestock Award — Shelby Neiberger, Donated by Bill Ekstrom and Bill Jordan.
Senior Livestock Judge — Stacey Fitzgibbons
Junior Livestock Judge — Madison Shults
Supreme Swine Award — Taylor Morris & Jenna Walsh, Donated by Mark & Julie Cook
Edna Winslett-Zingheim Memorial Sheep Award — Morgan Neilson, Donated by Jeanne & Alan Jones
Beef Incentive Award — Kolbi Franklin, Donated by Rio Blanco County Cattlewomen
Ultra Sound Champion Award — Katye Allred
All-Around Market Beef Champion — Lila Klinglesmith

General Project Awards:
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor Junior — Kinzy Burke, Donated by EnCana Oil & Gas
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor Intermediate — Bradin Bland, Donated by EnCana Oil & Gas
General Project Outstanding Exhibitor Senior — Mason Scritchfield, Donated by EnCana Oil & Gas
Champion Cake Decorating — Avery Watt, Donated by Swanky’s Hair, Nail, & Massage Salon
Champion Food — Nicole Hilkey, Donated by Jerry and Mary Ann Seely
Reserve Champion Food — Kelsie Gross, Donated by Jerry and Mary Ann Seely
Champion Clothing Construction — Kristen Cox, Donated by RBC Abstract and Peggy Shults
Reserve Champion Clothing Construction — Peyton Burke, Donated by RBC Abstract and Peggy Shults

Clothing Construction Completion Awards
Maggie Phelan, Kristen Cox, Kolbi Franklin, Peyton Burke, Faith Ann Goedert, Kirstin Brown
Champion Scrapbooking — Kinzy Burke, Donated by RBC Abstract
Champion Leather craft — Kylloe Goedert, Donated by Klenda’s Custom Saddlery
Reserve Champion Leather craft — Casey Turner, Donated by Klenda’s Custom Saddlery
Champion Wildlife — Mason Scritchfield, Donated by The Bistro
Reserve Champion Wildlife — Kale Burke, Donated by The Bistro

Meeker Junior Leaders:
Laura Keeler for working with Cake Decorating Club
Brett Carroll for his work with the Horseless Horse Club

Shooting Sports Awards:
Rich Ruchti Memorial Award — Joe Newman, Donated by Eleanor Ruchti Carter
Dedicated Shooter Award — Bradi Bland
Most improved in Shooting Sports Award — Clay Anderson, Donated by Chris Uphoff
Overall Shooting Sports Record Book — Tannen Kennedy, Donated by Keith Fitzgibbons of Valley Hardware

4-H Foundation Awards:
The following awards are some of the most prestigious awards given in 4-H in Rio Blanco County which are sponsored by the Rio Blanco County 4-H Foundation sponsor these awards.
Danforth Award — Morgan Neilson
Rangely Outstanding Junior Member — Kaylee Mecham
Rangely Outstanding Intermediate Member — Cheyenne Steele
Rangely Outstanding Senior Member — Tessa Slagle
Meeker Outstanding Junior Member — Macy Collins
Meeker Outstanding Intermediate Member — Bradi Bland
Meeker Outstanding Senior Member — Mason Scritchfield

Rangely Council Awards
Friend of 4-H — Frank Huitt
Leader of the Year — Bonnie Long
Parent of the Year — Daniel Lapp and Crystal Ducey
Overall Outstanding Indoor Project — Tessa Slagle
Overall Outstanding Outdoor Project — Shelby Neiberger

Meeker Council Awards
Friend of 4-H — Mountain Valley Bank and First National Bank
Leader of the Year — Ann Franklin
Parent of the Year — Todd Morris