4-H program continues accepting new members

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RBC — Are you interested in joining our 4-H family? It is not too late to sign up for 4-H. The program has lots of great clubs and more than 200 different projects from which to chose. If you can imagine it, you can do it in 4-H.
4-H is a family affair. It can also involve neighbors, relatives, and friends.
4-H is a volunteer led, educational program that supplements the teachings of home, church and school.
4-H is an informal educational program for all boys and girls 5 to 19 years of age, whether they live in town or the country, or on a farm. Cloverbuds is a 4-H project for children age 5 to 8. Youth 8 years and older may select from a variety of 4-H projects.
4-H is kids having fun and learning with their friends.
4-H is a way of helping young people develop life skills. A life skill is something you learn that is useful in everyday life. There are five basic skills 4-H teaches:
1.Fostering a positive self-concept
2.Using subject matter skills in everyday life.
3.Planning to reach quality goals.
4.Relating to others.
5.Living up to potential.
The basic philosophy of 4-H is to strengthen the mental, physical, moral and social development of girls and boys. The main objective is the development of boys and girls through participation in projects, events and wholesome activities. This will help develop them into competent, committed and self-assured adults.
4-H is intended to supplement, not replace other learning experiences young people may have through other institutions.
For more information, contact the local 4-H programs at: Rio Blanco County Fairgrounds, P.O. Box 270, Meeker, Colo., 81641, 878-9490; Western Annex, 17497 Hwy. 64, Rangely, Colo., 81648 or call 848-9495.