ERBM Youth Basketball

The fifth and sixth grade Meeker Youth Basketball teams completed their season this weekend by participating in the Colorado River Valley Tournament. All three of Meeker’s teams played well, with Meeker Gold and Meeker Black tying for third in the tournament, which featured teams from Rifle, New Castle, DeBeque, Silt and Parachute. (Left) Team Black: Coaches (back): Kyle Frary (Nick Gates on Kyle’s shoulders “team manager”) and Ty Gates. (Top) Spencer Gates, Jonathan Fitzgibbons, Jacob Simonsen, Rolando Robles Jr., Hayden Shults. (Bottom) Diego Robles, Jace Mobley, Jonathan Cardile and Ethan Quinn. (Middle) Team Gold: Coaches (back): Hallie Blunt and. Natosha Clatterbaugh. (Top) Connor Blunt, Payke Potetz, Brenden Clatterbaugh, Teagan Sheridan, Judd Harvey. (
Bottom) Jake Blazon, Austin Lopez, Jayde Turner, Casey Brink. Not pictured: coach Donald Blazon. (Right) Team Silver: (Top) coach Mike Pfister (farthest left), Kaden Franklin, Joseph McKay, Ryan Sullivan. (Bottom) Jordan Zielinske, Troy Mataia, Trae Kennedy. 
Not pictured: Cade Greager.
courtesy photos