Days Gone By: August 31, 2017

The Meeker Herald — 100 years ago

– Success doesn’t consist in never making blunders, but in never making the same one twice.
– A large number of Meekerites went to Rifle last Friday and Saturday—Apple Pie Day.
– Another big transfer took place last week when Mrs. Hattie Randolph sold her fine ranch in Josephine Basin to James A. Beuley, a newcomer. Tom Scott negotiated the sale.
– White mice are rather scarce in this section, but George Cose, while haying in his alfalfa field, captured two and brought them to town. The mice are on exhibition and being fed by Lon Porter.
– Sincerity is preferable to popularity because it never withers.—Charles Sandberg

The Meeker Herald — 50 years ago

– A proud moment in the life of Miss Diana Amick who took champion honors during the round robin showmanship contest held during the annual Rio Blanco County Fair. C.J. Wilson presented the beautiful trophy awarded by the First National Bank of Meeker.
– The list of Meeker school district teachers and their duties printed in last week’s Herald failed to mention the coaching duties of one of the high school teachers. Bob Tucker, starting his second year of teaching at Meeker High, is industrial arts instructor. As perhaps one of the greatest all around athletes to graduate from Meeker High, Tucker is head baseball coach and assistant football and basketball coach at Meeker.
– The bidding brought a total in $15,287.37, for 28 fat lambs, 10 fat hogs and 42 fat steers at the sale.

The Meeker Herald — 25 years ago

– The Meeker School District Board is going to a vote. They want to raise the RE-1 mill levy by three mills to meet the needs of the district and return to a five-day school week.
– UPS Phil thought he was making his last deliveries in downtown Meeker Friday. The company told him he was being transferred. Francis Hoedart at White River Trading baked him a vodka cake; Bowstrings gave him a gift certificate. The fellow who is replacing him had a big good-bye party. But the departure has been postponed for a date indefinite. Phil Pryke has been UPS’s man in Meeker for 13-1/2 years. He claims more friends here than in his hometown of Steamboat Springs.
– Three rifles were found in the river by kids swimming. The rifles were identified as those stolen locally several years ago.
– A citizen reported rattlesnakes in his yard, which turned out to be water snakes.

Rangely Times — 50 years ago

– Mrs. Alma Hegwer announced this week that Jack’s Clothing Store had been sold to Herb and Sam Snyder of Vernal.
– School enrollment for District Re-4 is up from last May with increases shown in the middle school and senior high. A total of 816 is enrolled to date with another 20-25 expected.
– Ralf Myers, chairman of the board of Crestone Exploration, Inc., announced last week that a pilot test shaft will be drilled near Rifle this month, using the Belser method of tapping oil shale. “We’ll be producing oil in 90 days,” Myers stated flatly. He estimated cost of production at 30 cents a barrel.
– The Rangely Panthers, hit hard by graduation, list six returning regulars from the squad that won its first seven games in 1966, then lost two conference games in a row. They are Mike Hutton, Mike Lancaster, Dale Matrisciano, Jay Rector, Tom Suchar and Joe Turner.

Rangely Times — 25 years ago

– It began the second week of June, when some weapons and ammunition were stolen from Rangely True Value. Since then, there has been increased in-store pilferage, according to Lance Stewart, owner.
– The U.S. Fish and Wildlife service approved a squawfish education program a year ago to be conducted by the Rio Blanco Water Conservancy District. Therefore a 55-gallon glass aquarium was placed in the Rangely District Library with six 3-6 inch live Colorado Squawfish. The White River is the historic habitat for this fish that was once called the “white salmon.”
– Dinosaur Elementary School kindergartners started the school year following directions to a “Sweet End” by making homemade ice cream.