A real-life Christmas miracle

MEEKER | Once in a while you are lucky enough to see the real meaning of Christmas. This year was one of those times.
There was a mother with three children whose sister fell ill with brain tumors. After several surgeries she had problems with reoccurring strokes and tumors and was no longer able to take care of herself and two young children. At that time the mother took in her sister and children. Later on the mother found out that her son’s half-brother was homeless and needed help. She brought in the teenager and gave him a home, no questions asked.
About a month ago the mother punctured her lung. As the only working person in the household, the medical situation was devastating. Christmas was rolling around and there wasn’t enough money for food and household items, let alone toys for Christmas.
A notice was placed in an online group about a local family in need. The morning after the notice was posted there was an unexpected outpouring of support. Person after person opened their hearts and brought food. Box after box filled up. In three short days there was enough food for the family for at least a month.
After the food was taken care of people still wanted to help. Presents of clothing and toys were donated. People from every walk of life pitched in to help out. Children rounded up toys and clothes to donate, sometimes giving their favorite toys, just to bring joy to someone else. Families brought what they could, even though they might not have quite as much food for themselves, while others bought presents for the children even though it meant their Christmas was going to be small. People donated more than anyone ever expected.
Due to the outpouring of love and kindness the needy family was able to get the help they desperately needed. For this family so many community members were true angels, bringing to light the real meaning of Christmas and delivering a very unexpected miracle.
This season as you walk down the streets keep in mind how very lucky we are to live in such a wonderful community where there are real life angels among us.

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