A response to Kenney camping complaints

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Dear Editor:
After reading the letters from Mr. Howard and Mrs. A.A. Johnson and having probably been the most heavy user of the campgrounds for the past seven years, I’d like to respond in behalf of some of us “locals.” All due respect to their comments in regard to our reservoir, I do take offense to the remark “too bad, seems maybe your locals just don’t care.” I feel this was spoken in bad taste, as this is not true! Perhaps had they been at any of our meetings, they’d have better insight as to the changes, locals’ views and decisions made.
I hope their friends in Rangely don’t feel bad after their views were made public. Whomever these folks are, even though they may not be campers or know the activities of the reservoir, they and many other residents may be active in other interests such as our schools, hospital, college, golf course, library, town council, parks and recreation, etc. Each of the above have issues and problems to solve, same as you, Rifle, Vernal, Grand Junction and Meeker. Really, just how many of us are willing to take time out of our busy lives to serve on any of these boards, including you from Rifle and Grand Junction? This also includes myself.
However, I know for a fact that our town does care! There are many active people here striving to make Rangely a better place to live.
Living in our country, we all have the right to make our views public, which you have done.  In fact, some of your concerns were discussed at our meetings. Were your concerns correct? You and many others know that answer. We do encourage “outsiders” as you call yourselves, to visit our town and enjoy what we have to offer. In reference to your concerns, I assume your views were heard and will be taken into consideration.
Was I in favor of all the changes made at the reservoir? No, I was not. But I was at the meetings along with many other locals who cared! Were decisions made as I thought they should have been? No! Am I camped at the campgrounds this year. No, I am not! Do we always get our way? No, we do not. But decisions were made and I believe we all have a right to agree to disagree and I’ve moved on, still supporting my town.
As you enter our town the signs say “Welcome to Rangely, a great place to live.” Well, I’ve lived here 51 years, watched all five of my children graduate from our high school, watched them move away and then four of them move back to raise their familes in Rangely. I am now seeing my children, grandchildren and great-grandchildren living here. What does that say for Rangely?
As a “local” as you referred to, I’m proud to live in Rangely and I do “care!”
Perhaps other locals may respond in reference to the Kenney issues. As for me, my name is Kay Nickson, I’m easy to reach at (970)629-1314 or Box 202, Rangely, CO 81648.
As for myself, this ends the “saga” of Kenney Reservoir.
Kay Nickson