Adams honored by RBC fair board

This year’s Fair Book was dedicated to Thelma Adams for her many years of dedication to 4-H.
Adams as a child.

Special to the Herald Times

RBC I Thelma Adams has been a dedicated 4-H member for seventy years in our community. She grew up on her family farm in eastern Colorado near Cope in Washington County. She started 4-H at age 10, winning fifth place in the muffin contest. Harold, her brother and best friends recalls how proud she was after that, and insisted on taking the muffins home to her dad even though they were hard as rock by then. She continues 4-H after that with cooking, sewing, and showing steers.

Thelma’s grandson Jason said that the main thing he remembers about his grandma during fair time is how busy she was. She entered in everything from quilts to cakes. Fair time wasn’t the only time she would create her foods, flowers, and sewing projects though. It was a year round event for her. Her family feels blessed that the get to seeing creativity year round. As she enters her projects every year she never misses the chance to watch her grandkids compete with their livestock.

She made a pledge to her community though the 4-H program, and held up to her word by serving as a pantry and needlework assistant and superintendent, a Sunday School teacher, an election judge, a teachers aide, a dry cleaning  business owner, and a rancher. As well as doing this she was also a member of the Extension Homemakers Club and a member of the Utopia Club for over 30 years.

Her grandson Keri added that “Grandma taught me to tie my shoes and clean skunk spray off my brother. Spending time with my Grandma is always a pleasure because she smiles, she cares, she’s enamored by little babies, and she is a wonderful person.”