Aerial spraying of river, golf course, park

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MEEKER I The town board has determined it is in the public interest to conduct aerial spraying along the river within the town limits and outlying adjacent areas, including the Meeker Golf Course and Powell Park. Aerial spraying will be conducted within the town limits along the river, just after daybreak Monday, June 28; Tuesday, June 29; Wednesday, June 30; or Thursday, July 1, depending on weather conditions. More information is available at Town Hall, 345 Market St., 878-5344, on the town’s website at, or from Gary Coulter, 878-5045.

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  1. Nothing I like better than to have chemicals raining down on me that are only killing adult mosquitoes, adulticide if you will. I have a pond in my backyard and the number of mosquitoes has actually decreased instead on increasing.

    Aerial spraying for mosquitoes is a waste of money and petrochemicals. The article doesn’t even tell us what chemicals will be raining down on us. I simply do not condone excessive use of chemicals so a few people will have less mosquito bites for a few days after the spraying and before the larvae hatch. I can easily provide anyone with references of the harm this does; have not posted here since it doesn’t seem to matter to the town council to use science in this decision.

    Thanks goodness I have a workshop out of town all next week so I can miss the uncontrolled use of chemicals that do affects humans, other insects besides mosquitoes and are not really handling the mosquito “problem.”

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