Al White drops from District 8 state Senate race, endorses Tracy

RBC I Al White announced last week that he is withdrawing from the Colorado State Senate District 8 race.
White cited a lack of funding as the reason driving his decision.

“Having a ‘U’ behind my name instead of an ‘R’ was a nonstarter for many of my former funders,” White said referring to his running as unaffiliated instead of as a Republican.
“I set a timeline with some specific funding goals for myself at the outset,” he said. “After six weeks, I was so far off those goals it became apparent to me I would not, in the long run, reach an adequate level of funding to run a viable campaign. I will be returning all contributions received.
“Also, I do not want to split the broad base of support across the district in regard to removing Randy Baumgardner from office,” he said. “Voters deserve better than their current representation. We need someone who will show up and fight for the values of the Western Slope, not someone who simply toes the line for extreme far-right ideologies.
“I have met with Emily Tracy and we agree on a lot of the issues,” White said. “I think she would be a strong champion for the people of the district and bring a moderate voice to the state capitol. “My wife, Jean, and I will be supporting her, and we encourage all independent-minded voters to do the same.”
Tracy, the Democratic candidate for the Senate District 8 seat, has commented on Al White’s announcement Wednesday that he has withdrawn from the Senate race.
White, a former state legislator and former Director of the Colorado Tourism Office, was running for the state senate seat as an unaffiliated candidate.
“The race for Senate District 8 has now crystallized to a clear choice between Sen. Baumgardner and myself,” Tracy said. “I’m an advocate for the families, communities and economies of the Western Slope.
“Our Senate district has not been well-represented during the past three and one-half years, as Sen. Baumgardner has been more inclined to, as Mr. White stated, ‘toe the line for extreme far-right special interests’ rather than the interests of his constituents.”
Tracy continued, “I greatly appreciate and am honored by the endorsement of Al and Jean White, both outstanding public servants. Their perspectives on the issues and needs of Senate District 8 will play an important role in my campaign.”
Tracy commented, “Sen. Baumgardner has repeatedly demonstrated a certain disdain for his district, failing to regularly visit with local elected officials and constituents.”
Tracy noted that his votes reflect his lack of responsiveness to the needs of the district, including when “he voted against improvements to the I-70 traction law even though all who testified at the bill’s Senate committee hearing spoke in favor of the proposed legislation. If elected, I am committed to listening to and working for all voices in our diverse Senate district.”
Senate District 8 is a seven-county district, including Rio Blanco County, extending from Breckenridge north to Wyoming and west to Utah.

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