An RBC tribute to Bill Hume

Ed Coryell of the Rio Blanco County Fair Board dedicating the 2012 RBC Fair Book to Rangely’s Bill Hume.

Ed Coryell of the Rio Blanco County Fair Board dedicating the 2012 RBC Fair Book to Rangely’s Bill Hume.
RANGELY I As the owner of Nichols Store, this year’s county fair board honoree, Bill Hume, has been helping 4-H and FFA Youth successfully complete livestock projects for more than 38 years. Bill, the son of Bea Hume and the late Raymond “Junior” Hume grew up in the business of helping others.
Bill Hume was born and raised in Rangely, Colo., and was graduated from Rangely High School in 1970. Bill was drafted by the Army in 1971 during the Vietnam War and served for two years. While stationed in Hawaii, Bill was a Specialty 4th Class, 25th Infantry, 3rd Squadron, 4th Cavalry Soldier and was trained in scuba diving and butchering, the later becoming very valuable in his life.
Nichols Store was founded in 1904 and settled across the street from its current location in 1910. In 1946 a new building was built in the store’s current location on Main Street in Rangely. Bill started working at Nichols Store in 1966. In 1974 Bill and his brother John Hume purchased the business from Bernie Stevenson. John sold his share of the business to Bill a year and a half later. Bill sold groceries, feed and butchered locally raised beef. In 1981 Bill started Hume Distributing. Nichols Store extended credit to families in need of groceries and feed and they continue that tradition today. Nichols Store also gives store credit to 4-H and FFA youth enrolled in livestock projects. The young livestock producers don’t pay their feed bill until after they sell their livestock projects at the Rio Blanco County Fair. Nichols Store has been able to purchase at least one 4-H or FFA livestock animal nearly every year since Bill has owned it.
In addition to running Nichols Store, Bill continues to distribute Meadow Gold products, Deep Rock Water and ice. Bill is a hard worker and can be found working long before sunrise and long after sundown. He has a work ethic unlike many by today’s standards and is an inspiration to the people who know him. Bill is involved in the Rio Blanco County Wool Growers Association, serves on the water conservancy district board and is politically active in the Republican party. Bill Hume comes from a proud history, and his generosity and willingness to help others are appreciated by his entire community.