Annual rec center shutdown scheduled for August 2017

MEEKER | The Meeker Recreation Center (MRC) pools are open 80 hours a week throughout the year to accommodate our community and visitors with open swimming, swim instruction, exercise classes or just a soak in the hot tub. If you have not been to the MRC pool in a while, you should definitely come check out all the upgrades that have been going on. In the last two years, the MRC natatorium has received noticeable amenity improvements and operational enhancements including: all new tile, diving board re-installation, spa area mural, lAighting, windows, furniture, storage, as well as a variety of advancements in filtration, chemical feeding and circulation systems to improve water clarity and balance. Also be sure to say hello to one of our friendly, responsible and hard working lifeguards during your visit.
Each year MRC must close for critical maintenance that cannot be performed around normal operations. For a variety of reasons, this year’s building and pool closure times have been moved to August (Aug. 7-20 for the pool; Aug. 17-20 for the full facility). The extended closure for the pools this year (and likely in 2018 as well), is to resurface the plaster surfaces of the pools which must be completed about every 10 years. MRC opened in 2008 and is seeing normal wear and tear that must be preventatively addressed in order to avoid more costly repairs in the future.
The ERBM board and management determined a late summertime closure to be preferable based on usage trends (heaviest indoor usage is during cold weather months); formal programming (swim team, lessons) which must take place in spring and early summer; scheduling subcontractors and lead times necessary to accomplish work within calendar budget year that starts in January; and ERBM being at full staff in late summer with seasonal and part-time labor to accommodate all of the maintenance work that must occur. This year’s pool resurfacing project is being completed in as tight a time period as possible to minimize the impact on operations, and we thank you for your patience and understanding as we complete these and many other much needed refurbishments. We look forward to seeing you, your family and out of town visitors here at the Meeker Recreation Center soon. Please contact our ERBM District offices at 970-878-3403 if we can answer any further questions you have about the closure.