Arthur: Give more good news about CNCC

Please give us more good news about CNCC.
I went to the honors banquet at CNCC last week. I then got the Times when it came out Thursday, expecting to see a nice layout, if not in the main paper, at least in the CNCC insert. I was aghast at what I found. In the front page’s five stories, a nice story on the CNCC Foundation, one on the Trinity Project, two on the school district woes, and one on a former CNCC student who died partying after too much morphine and alcohol. In the CNCC insert I found not a story on the honors banquet, but a full-page eulogy praising this young man. It was a slap in the face of the entire criminal justice program and all other students who go to CNCC for an education. Bad press happens, but to generate it “in house” is inexcusable. With the present climate of financial insecurity, every effort should be made to show the school in the best possible light. This just doesn’t fill the bill. Being a small school should not preclude the possibility of excellence. If they won’t edit for appropriate content, could you possibly?
Nancy Jo Arthur
Longtime Rangely-ite