Baumgardner announces campaign

RBC I Representative Randy Baumgardner has announced his intention to run for State Senate District 8 which includes Grand, Jackson, Moffat, Routt, Rio Blanco, Garfield and Summit Counties)
Rep. Baumgardner has taken into account the recently completed redistricting of the Colorado House and Senate.  Through much soul searching, conversations with constituents and family and his desire to continue to serve the people of Northwestern Colorado, Baumgardner enters the race against incumbent, Jean White, who was appointed to fill the vacant seat in Senate District 8.
Representative Baumgardner believes that he is the best fit for this district because he identifies with the majority of the constituents and understands the issues being faced with water usage, farming and ranching and mineral extraction. He has worked to increase the awareness of not only the larger tourism operations in Northwestern Colorado, but also the expanding and economically vital agritourism industry. As the co-chair of the Economic Vitality Caucus, Representative Baumgardner understands the unique challenges of economic development throughout Senate District 8.