BLM: Comments sought on rec applicants

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RBC I The Bureau of Land Management Grand Junction Field Office is seeking public comments on five new commercial Special Recreation Permit applications.

The BLM evaluates permit applications using specific criteria, including type and quality of customer service, experience, business plan and overall quality of the application. New commercial SRP applications under consideration are: Twisted Tine Outfitters; Mountaineer Outfitters; Graham Outfitters; Rafter Y Outfitters; and Dominguez Recreational Outfitters.
Permit applications can be reviewed at the BLM office located at 2815 H Road, Grand Junction. Public comments for these permits are most helpful if received by Aug. 15. 
“We are seeking comments from the public to help us identify potential conflicts with other users, health and safety concerns and any resource conflicts,” said Andy Windsor, BLM outdoor recreation planner. “Our goal is to provide excellent customer service and to ensure a top-notch recreation experience while protecting natural resources.”
The BLM issues commercial SRPs to provide recreation businesses the opportunity to operate on BLM lands, to implement recreation management decisions, to ensure sustainable and diverse recreational opportunities for all visitors and to ensure a fair return to the public for commercial use of public lands.
Supporting local economies and providing quality recreation experiences for the public by making public lands available for these activities is integral to BLM’s management objectives. To help with its evaluation of these permit applications, the BLM is seeking public comments regarding the applicants’ safety history, conflicts with other applicants or their employees while operating on public lands, natural resource protection or any other information that would be useful to the agency as it considers the applications.
For more information on these SRP applications or to find out whether or not your activity on public lands requires an SRP, contact Andy Windsor or Alex Martin at 970-244-3000.